Our services

Are you opening a new store? A new branch? Do you need advice on the layout of your current store?




There are many aspects to consider when defining the store layout:

  • the choice of the shelves, the way they are placed, their lighting,…
  • the direction and space of the store
  • the atmosphere you want to create


It is a question of finding the right compromise between functionality, ease, aesthetics and above all sales transformation.... And all this while respecting technical and financial constraints. 

Vadigran can assist you in these steps, thanks to its decades of experience in this field. We are therefore at your disposal to discuss your project. We can build it together and let you benefit from our specialised team to carry out the installation afterwards.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone at  +32(0)68 26 96 40 or via email at info@vadigran.be.