Poop scoop

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Our Handy Scoop is a Great Way to Clean Up after your dog outside and it’s also good way to scoop kitty litter to keep it cleaner and Allow For Quick Disposal; hang this lightweight tool next to the cat box for easy access

The long handle design means you Don’t Have to Bend Over as much to pick up after your pet; Lets You Keep Your Distance from The Cat Litterbox or what your dog leaves behind on the ground

Sturdy, Portable, Reliable, And Easy to Clean, you’ll love having this pooper scooper available, so you can Put A Comfortable Distance between you and the dirty job of cleaning up after your puppy, kitten, or other pet

Make your trip outdoors to clean up after your dog a quick and easy one with this hand-operated scoop shovel. The handle of this amazing pet product is long so it’s most comfortable for you during the removal of pet fecal matter off the grass or floor. Makes a great gift for the dog lover in the family or a friend who has just gotten a new pup and needs the tools to help make him or her an equipped and efficient pet owner.

Just Squeeze the Spring-Operated Handle to make the scoop close and grab and contain the poop inside the scoop; it Opens and Closes Smoothly, so you can be sure the job of Picking Up Waste Is Quick and Easy. Use It in Your Backyard, take it with you on long walks with your dog, or for Ultimate Convenience When You Travel. It cleans up easily with hot soap and water and can be hung by the open loop at the top so it’s ready for next time.

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SKU: 170-11-135-3600-3600