Flexi Comfort grey L (tape 8 m)

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Flexi retractable leashes let you walk with your dog in a controlled way while giving your best friend freedom of movement. Flexi is the ideal bond between you and your best friend !

All the Flexi are equiped with short-stroke braking system. It reacts in a split of a second. By pushing the brake button with your thumb and a slight pull on the leash you give your dog short orders or lead him back to you.

An additional permanent stop function allows you to fix the Flexi leash at a certain length. Flexi retractable leashes never slacken as they are always subject to slight tension.

The perfectly and timeless designed leash Flexi NEW CLASSIC is an ingenious eye-catcher. You can equip it with accessories like the LED Lighting System or the Multi Box. So enjoy your walk !

Flexi leashes comply with the highest quality standards. Each leash is assembled by hand and undergoes several quality checks before it leaves the factory. More information is included in the user manual.

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Brand: FLEXI
SKU: 13554
Animal: Dog
Length of leash: 800 cm
Color: Grey
Type: Retractable leash
Material: Plastic, Nylon
Weight of the animal: 60 kg
Weight of the animal: < 60 Kg
EAN code: 4000498028438