Feeding bowl Whisker 1 Ass. 16x12,5x3,5cm

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The Whisker Bowl has been specially designed to be suitable for dogs with flat faces such as Bulldogs or Pekinese.

Being shallow, flat faced dogs can more easily access food. Similarly, the grooves at the base of the bowl hold food in place and facilitate their meal.

Although the bowl has been specially designed for flat-nosed dogs, it can be suitable for any other small dog or flat-nosed cat such as Persian or British Shorthair.

Also suitable for other cat breeds and small dogs.

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Brand: SAVIC
SKU: 1297
Animal: Dog, Cat
Color: White, Blue, Black
Type: Feeding bowl
Length: 16 cm
Width : 12,5 cm
Thickness: 3,5 cm
Characteristic: Dishwasher safe, Slip resistant
EAN code: 5411388003029