Cat Litter Silica 2,25kg-5L

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Vadigran Silica cat litter consists of pretty white pearls with a hygienic look.

The soft granules are particularly pleasant under the paws and are recommended for kittens and elderly cats.

Durable, compostable and very light!

Fill the litter box with approximately 8 cm Cat Litter. Remove all dried out excrement on a daily basis and flush it down the toilet. The other granules remain fresh, so you do not need to remove them. Fill the litter box up to 8 cm again. Clean the entire litter box at least once a month and dispose the cat litter in the waste bin. Do not throw it in the toilet. Pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons should not clean the litter tray due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. Should be stored in a dry place out of the reach of children.

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SKU: 4925
Type: Cat Litter
Property: Not clumping
Animal: Cat
Width : 23 cm
Length: 37 cm
Thickness: 11 cm
Product content: 2.25 kg
EAN code: 5411468049251