Patee Soft Tropical 700g

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Why give patée to birds? It is essential to give birds a quality seed-based food for their health, their well-being as well as for the beauty of their plumage. However, at certain times of the year, domestic birds need a supplement of vitamins, minerals and proteins. The patée gives them this small surplus which makes their food appropriately balanced for more delicate periods. In fact, the patée contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins which all have their function and their specific contribution. The purpose of the proteins is to bring the amino acids essential to the good functioning of the bird’s metabolism. That is why only the Vadigran patée contain high quality proteins with 29 amino acids.

Vadigran Patee Tropical Soft is semi-moist soft food of excellent quality that is ready to use. It contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and high-grade proteins. Suitable for all seed eating birds.

Complementary food for ornamental birds.


Bakery products, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, sugars, cereals, fruit – apple and papaya (2.17%). Contains EUpermitted colourants (E102, E122), preservatives (E200), antioxidants (E330) and anti-caking agents (E551a)

Provide up to 25% of the daily portion – during breeding or show season daily and during moulting twice a week. Birds with large nests may need more. Refresh both food and drinking water daily. Keep dry and cool.

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SKU: 14353
Food type: Supplementary
Animal: Bird
Width : 18 cm
Height: 25 cm
Length: 8 cm
Stage of life: All ages
Property: Wet
Product content: 0.7 kg
EAN code: 5411468143539