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TERRA EXPERT is a balanced, complete ‘all-in-one’ component food for rabbits of any breed or age. TERRA EXPERT has a balanced vitamin content. This increases resistance and ensures your pet’s optimal condition at all times. TERRA EXPERT is a complete mix.

TERRA EXPERT is designed to prevent dental problems, and is suitable for animals whose teeth have previously needed treatment.

TERRA EXPERT has been composed with the utmost care and all the ingredients were selected based on the animals’ natural needs.

TERRA EXPERT contains 30% raw fibre! In addition to ensuring healthy teeth, this aids optimal digestion. Intestinal problems belong to the past!

TERRA EXPERT supplies extra enrichment and promotes natural wear of the teeth thanks to its structure and content. Your animal will be occupied much longer by its food and will therefore be more mentally stimulated.


Derivatives of vegetable origin, grains, minerals, seeds, oils.


14% Crude protein, 2,5% Crude fat, 30% Crude cellulose, 8% Crude ash, 0,9% Phosphorous, 1,3% Calcium, 0.11% Sodium.

ADDITIVES/KG 17000 IU Vit. A, 1500 IU Vit. D3, 50 mg Vit. E, 170 mg Vit. C 400 mg Iron (E1), 1 mg Iodine (E2), 0.5 mg Cobalt (E3), 15 mg Copper (E4), 55 mg Manganese (E5), 80 mg Zinc (E6), 0.25 mg Selenium (E8), aromatics 0,5 g, Silicium (E551b) 0,04 g.

Combine with fresh water on a daily basis. Hay can also be added as enrichment but nutritionally speaking this is not necessary. Store in a dry and cool place.

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SKU: 200-13-270-500-544