Chicken co Columbusrood 200x80x120cm

SKU: 2501
200 cm

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The Fontana Arizona chicken coop is a large habitat designed for 3 or a maximum of 4 chickens.

It includes a large run where the chickens can get outside in safety.

The coop has 3 overhanging roofs so that water does not run into the henhouse or down the walls.

The coop has several doors for easy access. It also includes a drawer for easy removal of chicken excrement.

The double laying area is easy to reach thanks to the opening roof.

For more durability and resistance, the wood of the chicken coop has been treated to be water and weather resistant.

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SKU: 2501
Property: with run
Type: Hutch
Animal: Chicken
Characteristic: Construction kit with assembly plan, With roof that opens, With breeding nest, Outdoor use
Width : 80 cm
Height: 120 cm
Thickness of the wire: 2
Color: White, Red
Color top: Grey
Wall thickness: 1,1 cm
Material: Wood
Number of packages: 2
EAN code: 5411468025019