Carrier Trotter HP grey 49x33x30cm

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The best for our pets and our planet, combined with a second life for plastic waste. With an eye for design and ease of use. Now that’s Happy Planet by Savic, everyday comfort and a heart for the environment in one. Trotter 1 Happy Planet, made from at least 90 % post-consumer material, is a modern-shaped pet transport box, recommended for cats and small dogs weighing up to 5 kg.

The Trotter 1 transport box has a coated metal wire front door. The handle enables you to easily carry your pet with you and is recommended for transport by car, boat, train or plane. There are enough ventilation slots to guarantee air circulation for maximum comfort. The Trotter 1 transport carrier meets IATA standards.

By using post-consumer material, we can reduce the impact on nature. Our colour palette of Happy Planet is inspired by this goal. Soft greens and browns set the tone. Recognisable design with a fresh look. Create tranquillity, for you and for the planet.

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Brand: SAVIC
SKU: 18419
Net weight: 1,1 kg
EAN code: 5411388704001