Cage little bird Camille 40 taupe 54x32x55cm

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32 cm

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The Camille 40 cage is specially designed for small birds such as canaries, small exotic birds, small parakeets, etc. It comes well equipped with all the accessories your bird needs.

It includes a removable drawer for easy cleaning, 2 feeders, 3 perches and a handle for easy transport. The base of the cage is secured by 2 clips and is easy to detach for maintenance.

For the welfare of your birds, it is advisable to place the cage in a well lit room but not in direct sunlight.

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Brand: SAVIC
SKU: 11524
Type: Cage
Animal: Bird, Canary, Parakeet, Exotic, Native birds, Love bird, Eurasian siskin, Finches
Characteristic: With accessories
Height: 54 cm
Length: 55 cm
Color wire: Taupe
Direction of the bars: Horizontal
Distance between bars: 9,5 mm
Color bottom: Taupe
Net weight: 3,04 kg
Material bottom: Plastic
Material: Metal, Plastic
Number of packages: 1
EAN code: 5411388553104