Aviary nr 42 green with white roof 87x46x77cm

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70 cm

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Rectangular aviary with cage wall, made of metal.

This aviary can be used both inside and outside.

The partition wall can be removed.

Equipped with perchs and feeders.

Easy to clean thanks to the removable tray.

For the welfare of your birds, it is advisable to place the cage in a well lit room but not in direct sunlight.

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SKU: 1341
Type: Aviary
Animal: Bird, Canary, Parakeet, Exotic, Native birds
Characteristic: With drawer, Outdoor use, Indoor use
Width : 35 cm
Height: 77 cm
Thickness of the wire: 1,8 mm
Distance between bars: 10 mm
Color wire: Green
Color: White, Green
Color top: White
Color bottom: White
Net weight: 14,56 kg
Material bottom: Metal
Material: Metal
Matterial roof: Metal
Number of packages: 1
EAN code: 5411468013412