Cage little bird Primo 40 white/blue 46x32x48cm

SKU: 11844
46 cm

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The cage Primo 40 is a cage specially designed for small birds such as canaries, small exotic birds, small parakeets etc. Well equipped, the cage already has all the essential accessories for your bird.

It includes a removable drawer for easy cleaning, 2 feeders, 3 perches and a handle for easy transport. The base of the cage is secured by 2 clips and is easy to detach for maintenance.

Available in 3 different timeless and trendy colours.

For the welfare of your birds, it is advisable to place the cage in a well lit room but not in direct sunlight.

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Brand: SAVIC
SKU: 11844
Type: Cage
Animal: Bird, Canary, Parakeet, Exotic, Native birds, Love bird, Eurasian siskin, Finches
Characteristic: With accessories
Height: 48 cm
Length: 32 cm
Color wire: White
Direction of the bars: Horizontal
Distance between bars: 9,5 mm
Color bottom: Blue
Net weight: 2,24 kg
Material bottom: Plastic
Material: Metal, Plastic
Number of packages: 1
EAN code: 5411388553852