Knotted chewbone chicken&fruits S 85g/10cm (2)

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Vadigran chewing bones are ideal treats for your dog. They are composed of firmly pressed beef skin, 35% chicken meat and 10% fruits that give it a smell and taste that will awaken your dog's natural instinct to chew.

These snacks do not contain gluten, are low in calories and are very easy to digest.

These tasty treats will encourage your dog to play and chew. Which, in addition to giving it a lot of pleasure, will occupy it and thus prevent it from getting bored.


Meat and derivatives of animal origin (chicken 35%), fruit (apple 5%, banana 5%), derivatives of vegetable origin


Crude protein (36%), Crude fat (4%), Crude fibre (0,7%), Crude ash (5%).

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SKU: 13357
Food type: Snack
Animal: Dog
Width : 4 cm
Height: 2,5 cm
Length: 10,5 cm
Stage of life: Not for puppy
Property: Gluten free, Dry
Characteristic: Ideal as a reward, Low in calories, Gluten free, With fruit, With chicken
Product content: 2 pces
EAN code: 5411468133578